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A cambelt is a rubber belt that synchronises the rotation of your vehicle's crankshaft and camshaft(s) whilst rapidly spinning at 6000 to 8000 rpm. By doing this, a cambelt ensures that your engine's valves efficiently open and close when needed during each intake and exhaust stroke of your engine's cylinders. Without this instrumental mechanical component, your engine cannot function.

How can a cambelt become damaged?

Over the course of time, the heat generated by your engine, alongside adverse weather conditions and general wear and tear, will cause your cambelt to gradually crack and stretch. However, if you regularly change your cambelt when it begins to show signs of becoming damaged, you can easily avoid any mechanical issues or cambelt related breakdowns. Many automotive manufacturers recommend that you replace your cambelt after four to five years or after you have travelled between 50,000 and 80,000 miles.

Unfortunately, if your cambelt does break, it can cause fundamental damage to your engine, its valves and its pistons. Due to the fact that cambelts are connected to both the crankshaft and camshaft(s), when they break the momentum of the crankshaft to which the pistons are attached will crash into the valves of your engine. Consequently, in most cases of broken cambelts, motorists will have to entirely replace their engine - a procedure that can cost upwards of £3,000.

Bring it to the professionals

Whether you need to change your cambelt or replace your engine following a broken camshaft incident, our team are ready to lend a helping hand. Both our technicians that work at our brand new onsite service & repair centre are fully qualified and have over 20 years experience at diagnosing and repairing all manner of automotive faults.

Our company mission at here is to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective maintenance work and car service for all of our customers that is comparable to what you would receive from a more expensive main dealership. What's more, our technicians utilise highly advanced automotive equipment so you can rest assured that your vehicle will benefit from an extensive diagnostic check and state of the art automotive electrical repairs.

How can you prevent your cambelt from breaking?

The most effective way to prevent your cambelt from breaking and damaging your engine is to have your vehicle regularly serviced. Our master technician can assess the efficiency of your cambelt and arrange for it to be replaced at appropriate intervals before it can break. By replacing your cambelt at these regular intervals, you can remain confident that your vehicle is functioning to the best of its ability at all times.

If you have any further questions regarding cambelts or if you would like to book a service for your vehicle, why not contact us today on 01752 6567790? A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone or at our dealership.

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